"Colbert Report" mocks Temple Square kiss incident

Utah's Temple Square kissing incident sparked news headlines around the world. Now, comedy writers are taking over, as the event inspired a comedy sketch aired Tuesday night on TV's "Colbert Report."

The July 9 arrest of Derek Jones and Matt Aune, who were detained by security guards after kissing on the Mormon Temple grounds, inspired the episode. The incident sparked national attention and led to "kiss-in" protests around the country.

In September, Utah gay actor Charles Lynn Frost and his partner -- dressed as members of the Village People -- were filmed passionately making out on the same grounds for a comedy sketch filmed for the Comedy Central show, which aired during Tuesday night's episode.

"We ran to our car before we could get arrested," Frost said about that day of shooting, which occurred in broad daylight in the middle of a work week. "But there was no sign of church security anywhere."

Jones and Aune are interviewed in the sketch, as is BYU property law professor John Fee who explains why the church was within its legal rights when its security guards tussled with the pair. The professor emphasizes that Jones and Aune were trespassing on private property. Frost, dressed as a construction worker from the 1970s disco group, and his partner, dressed as the group's cowboy, then walk onto the plaza and kiss, portraying what the sketch characterizes as the "Mormonization" of what happened on July 9.

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