10 Apps That Make It Easier to Live the Gospel

6. LDS Missionary Tracker

Missionary Tracker

When the Church’s missionary force nearly doubled after President Monson’s historic announcement in October 2012, so did the number of missionary moms—which means that these days, an app dedicated to your elder or sister out in the field is in greater demand than ever. With this app, you can count down how long a missionary has left, keep track of their area and companion, and set reminders for yourself to email them. If you so desire, you can even email them directly from the app, which is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android only.

7. LDS Temples (PRO)

LDS Temples

It’s one of the most important places we go, yet going is one of the hardest things to find time for. Minimize the hassle with LDS Temples, an app designed to help you get to whatever temple you want, whenever you want to get there. The app lets you get directions to a temple, view session times, and call the temple if you have any other questions. Available for free on the Google Play Store (Android), a Pro version is also available for $2.99, which provides access to a massive gallery of temple photos and wallpapers.

8. Family Home Evening Planner

FHE Planner

The fight that begins and ends with prayer just got a whole lot more peaceful. With the Family Home Evening Planner, your family nights can take a more structured approach—thus reducing the spirit of contention which sometimes accompanies the time that Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin taught was “built to increase . . . family unity.” This app can create and store agendas for FHE, allowing you to plan who’s praying, who’s teaching and on what topic, and most importantly, what’s for dessert. This free app is available for Android only on the Google Play Store.

9. Promptings—A Better Journal for Latter-day Saints


“Knowledge carefully recorded is knowledge available in time of need,” said Elder Richard G. Scott. “Spiritually sensitive information should be kept in a place that communicates to the Lord how you treasure it.” The art of journaling is one that many of us overlook, but with the Promptings app available for $1.99 on the App Store (iOS), the experience becomes easier and more enriching. The app, among other things, offers users a prompting to consider (such as “How have I seen the hand of God in my life today?” and “How can I make tomorrow better?”) as they write.

10. Deseret Bookshelf

Deseret Bookshelf

Deseret Book’s official app allows users to read, search, and study their entire LDS library in a convenient and effective manner. In addition to the standard works, you get eight classic LDS books for free when you download the app, including Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Talmage’s Jesus the Christ, and Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness. It includes many features to maximize your gospel study. And even better, it’s available for free on both the App (iOS) and Google Play (Android) Stores.

If you’re impressed by these apps and want to see more, you’re in luck. Julianne Muhlestein, mother of six prospective missionaries, has created a Kickstarter project for an app called LDS Mission Prep, which would be a fantastic tool for all the young men and women out there with a desire to serve. Read more and donate here.

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