10 Useful Things for $1 (or Less) at Church Distribution

6. Vial for Consecrated Oil


Consecrated Oil Vial

In his October 2009 priesthood session talk “Be Ready,” then-Elder Henry B. Eyring reminded brethren how important it is to always be prepared to give a priesthood blessing. Though the address focused on spiritual preparation, he began by holding up one of these oil containers, which cost only 40 cents.

7. Mormon.org Cards

(500 for $10.50)

Mormon.Org Cards

This box of 500 Mormon.org cards runs for $10.50—which means that for as little as 2 cents (the cost of one card), you could help somebody find the gospel. Pass-along cards aren’t just for the missionaries. Get to work!

8. Pass-Along Card Sleeves

(200 for $16.00)

Pass-Along Sleeve

Actually, not so fast. Think about it—what would you find more interesting, a piece of paper about a website or a piece of paper about a website that’s covered in lovely protective plastic? 200 pass-along card sleeves cost $16.00. That’s 8 cents per sleeve, and only ten cents per handout when you include the card. Now you can get to work.

9. Missionary Referral Slip


Referral Card

Once you've impressed someone with an ornate plastic-covered pass-along card and they're interested in learning more about the true restored doctrine found on Mormon.org, they’ll be ready to meet the missionaries! Remember, each soul is priceless, which means this 15-cent referral slip is infinitely worth it.

10. Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple


Preparing for Temple

After baptism, ward leaders work in conjunction with local missionaries to help new converts progress toward receiving the ordinances of the temple. For only 85 cents, this booklet proves an invaluable aid for someone journeying toward the Lord’s house.

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