14 Teaching Ideas for When You Need to Give a Lesson from a Conference Talk

Below are some ideas to help you encourage class or quorum members to share their insights. You can use one of these or think of your own.

Work in groups

Divide the class or quorum into small groups, and assign each group to discuss a different section of the talk. Then encourage a member from each group to summarize what they learned with the others. Or have class or quorum members form new groups with others who studied different sections and share what they learned.

Prepare good questions

Invite class or quorum members to answer questions like the following from their study of the talk: What gospel principles did you find? What statements from the chapter or talk were most meaningful to you? What questions did you have as you read? What are some possible answers?

Have students share inspiration

Invite class or quorum members to share quotations from the talk that inspire them to make positive changes in their lives. What opportunities do they have to share these teachings with others?

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