20 Ideas for Feeding Hungry Missionaries


11. Chicken enchiladas. Granted if they're Spanish-speaking missionaries, they may eat these a lot. But a lot of missionaries won't ever get a chance to. Give them a spicy kick with enchiladas. 

12.  Chicken cordon bleu bites. These yummy bites will have the missionaries thinking they're seven years old and back at their folks' house. Find it in Six Sister’s Stuff.

13. Bratwurst, baked beans & sauerkraut. If they're not in Germany or Austria, then chances are they won't get to eat any brats on their mission. They're sure to love this European meal!

14. Chicken tortilla soup This hearty soup give a little kick while being the perfect balance of fun flavors. One great recipe is found in Our Best Bites.

15. Cajun chicken pasta. A little flavor from the Bayou will definitely be a change of pace for most missionaries!

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