2009 Christmas gift book guide

It is before Thanksgiving, I know. Nevertheless, the time has once again come to consider our relations and judge among them who will receive something cool and who will receive n’importe quoi.

Jehovah and the World of the Old Testament (Deseret Book, 2009), $41.36
The Harper Collins Study Bible (HarperOne, 2006), $26.69
The Old Testament, has it been four years already? Perhaps the least favorite quartile of our Gospel Doctrine regimen. I am certainly not alone in my general ignorance of the Jewish Bible. Deseret Book has a strong offering for those interested in gaining some context in Jehovah and the World of the Old Testament. Kevin and Ben’s reviews highlight the benefits many will find in its pages. Many of the people in the know, however, insist that getting a high quality study Bible is essential. I’m told that Harper Collins’ is the best around. Don’t worry about it being a different translation; it will certainly help you (and the Relief Society used a similar contemporary volume for study from 1942-1944).

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