4 Invitations to Help Latter-day Saints Endure to the End

During LDS Business College's first devotional of 2019, President Bruce Kusch gave four "whole soul" invitations to help Latter-day Saints endure to the end.

1. Come

The Book of Mormon has over 40 invitations for us to “Come unto Christ,” President Kusch said. Such admonitions suggest action, willingness and humility. This process is not a “one-time event” but a “journey of a lifetime” as we come to accept the Savior’s teachings and become better disciples.

2. Partake

Each week we are invited to partake of the sacrament, which represents the Savior’s power and redemption, President Kusch explained.

“In doing so, we act. We take. We eat. We drink. We promise. We commit. We renew.”

Lead image by Valerie Johnson from Church News

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