6 Facts About BYU That U of U Fans Try to Ignore

This is the second part in my mini-series. To get the whole story, check out "6 Things About the U of U That BYU Fans Try to Ignore."

So the "holy war" has arrived, and with it comes a little lighthearted teasing and trash talk. But there are always those good ol' standbys BYU and U of U fans fall back on when they have no other comeback, those undeniable facts that neither school can refute.

Here are just a few of those facts about BYU that U of U fans attempt to ignore or justify away, but it never works.

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We've been ranked one of the best value colleges in America multiple times over.

Don't believe me? Ask Forbes.

We're bigger than Utah.

We have campuses all around the world, including the Holy Land.

We have BYU Creamery chocolate milk.

What more could you ever want in life?

Apostles and prophets help run our school.


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We had these pros play for us.

Pro Football Hall of Famer, three time Super Bowl champ, enough said.

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Did you see this epic play by Taysom Hill?

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We won a national championship.

“If I had any sense at all I’d quit right now.” —LaVell Edwards after he won the 1980 bowl game

Go Cougs! 

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