7 Books That Will Answer Your Questions About Death and the Spirit World

As Latter-day Saints, we know that death isn't the end. But do we know what awaits us after this life? Learn more about the spirit world and what happens after we die with this compilation of thought-provoking books.

 What's On the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us About the Spirit World 

by Brent L. Top

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

The Prophet Joseph Smith observed that death and the spirit world are subjects "we ought to study more than any other. . . . If we have claim on our Heavenly Father for anything, it is for knowledge on this important subject."

Brent Top, a professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU, highlights the wealth of information the scriptures and latter-day prophets and apostles have provided to us about death and the spirit world—its location and conditions, the nature of departed spirits, and the work performed for and by those there. Removing much of the mystery and fear associated with dying, this book demonstrates that knowing what life will be like after death can help inspire us to live better lives here and now.

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 Life after Death 

by Robert L. Millet

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

This book offers a thorough coverage of life after death from the Latter-day Saint perspective. It particularly offers comfort to reader following the death of a loved one.

Robert L. Millet, former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, is a professor emeritus of ancient scripture. After receiving bachelor's and master's degrees from BYU in psychology, he earned a PhD from Florida State University in religious studies. Brother Millet is a beloved speaker and the author of numerous books. He and his wife, Shauna, are the parents of six children.

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 Understanding Death and the Resurrection 

by Donald W. Parry, Jay A. Parry

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

Why is the physical death necessary? How do spirits spend their time? What kind of communication is possible between the mortal world and the spirit world? When does the judgment occur? What are family relationships like in the resurrection? Since the beginning of time, people have sought answers to questions about our next sphere of existence. In Understanding Death and the Resurrection, Jay and Don Parry carefully examine many such questions, using the writings of prophets ancient and modern to provide answers.

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 The Gateway We Call Death 

by President Russell M. Nelson

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

In The Gateway We Call Death, President Nelson, a surgeon by profession and now a special witness of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, approaches the subject of death from both a medical and a theological point of view to discuss such topics as these:

•  The purpose of life and of death
•  The purpose of mourning
•  When death comes without warning
•  Factors of choice, such as suicide, euthanasia, and use of mechanical means to extend life
•  Life after death

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 Understanding Death 

by Brent A. Barlow

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

How do you explain death to children? How do you deal with the death of a loved one? How do you confront your own mortality? Through modern revelations, much information has been given to help deal with the reality of death. Understanding Death features essays by Spencer W. Kimball, Bruce R. McConkie, Hugh B. Brown, Richard L. Evans, Hugh Nibley, Elaine Cannon, Truman G. Madsen, and other leaders and scholars.

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 The Life Beyond 

by Joseph Fielding McConkie, Robert L. Millet

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

For ages poets and philosophers have tried to explain death, to give comfort, to soften despair. The Life Beyond shows how the Restoration changed despair to understanding, opening our eyes to the majesty of the plan of salvation. Included in this book are insights to the three degrees of glory, the spirit world, missionary work here and hereafter, and temple work. The authors also explore questions all of us have pondered: What do spirits know? What it is the purpose of ministering angels? How will those of less than normal mental powers be judged? Here is clear evidence of our eternal nature and our glorious potential in that life beyond mortality.

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 Beyond Death's Door 

by Brent L. Top, Wendy C. Top

7 Books Your Tweens Will Love

A unique look at near-death experiences (NDEs) is presented in Beyond Death's Door. It considers NDEs in light of revealed truth, finding enlightening and exciting similarities to Latter-day Saint doctrines on the afterlife.

“We were amazed at the similarities and consistencies between near-death accounts and the doctrines of the restored gospel,' the authors report, following years of careful research. Readers will be fascinated by the accounts, which include descriptions of a loving 'being of light'; having a perfect spirit body; the rapid, graphic review of one's mortal life; meeting with deceased loved ones; and spirits in radiant white robes.

Quoting scripture and the words of modern prophets, the authors show where Latter-day Saint doctrine seems to support NDE reports and suggest possible explanations for NDE perceptions that Latter-day Saint readers might question. Moreover, they offer comforting insights into death and the spirit world.

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