7 Tools That Can Completely Transform Your Scripture Study

Wanting to get more out of your scripture study? Here are some tips and resources you can turn to that might surprise you, but might make all the difference in your personal study.

We don’t know about you, but Brittney and I can’t think of many significant spiritual experiences that weren’t directly related to the scriptures (whether by pondering the words as we go about our day, having a focused study session, or hearing a verse read or expounded in a talk). We’ve come to know for ourselves why Prophets like President Benson have so strongly emphasized that the Book of Mormon, and other scriptures, can change your life. . . .

We’ve definitely had our fair share of days when we’ve read just to read. We probably all have. But the difference between those days and the times when we have really feasted on the scriptures is tremendous. Once you have tasted of the inspiration and spiritual experiences that come through true scripture study, you develop a deep hunger to come back again and again.

The tools Britt and I list below have dramatically impacted our scripture study experiences, and we hope they make a difference for you too.

1. The 1828 Dictionary

I don’t think we realize how quickly language changes. Words that meant one thing at the time of the BOM translation have since taken on very different meanings. . . .

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