8 GIFs That Perfectly Capture How We Feel About Conference

For many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, general conference weekend is one of the most exciting and inspiring times of the year. Every April and October, Church leaders gather in Salt Lake City, Utah, and address the worldwide Church on matters involving faith, change, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are eight GIFs that perfectly explain our conference experience.

1. When you finally manage to get a ticket to a session of general conference

Long before general conference arrives, you begin searching for tickets to attend a session of conference. This is more difficult in some places than others, but no matter where you are, you get a little excited when that special piece of printed paper is in your hand.

To stream general conference live, visit lds.org.

2. When you reach the final countdown to when the first session begins

After waiting six whole months since the last general conference, you can't wait to hear what the prophet, apostles, and other Church leaders are going to talk about this time!

Review what the prophets and apostles spoke about during the April 2016 general conference at lds.org.

3. When you tell yourself that this time you're going to stay awake for the entire session

Even before the member of the First Presidency gets up to welcome everyone to general conference, there's always that one person who is already asleep.

Click here for ideas of  activities to keep your family awake and involved.

4. When the men leave for the priesthood session

While the men dress up and attend the priesthood session, women congregate as families or friends for a girls night out (or even better, a girls night in).

You can also find the priesthood session streamed live online at lds.org.

5. When Elder Holland says the perfect one-liner for you to share on Facebook

After each session concludes (and sometimes even before), everyone rushes to their social media pages to share their favorite quotes from the latest conference session.

Here are powerful quotes from the April 2016 general conference.

6. When you have so much good food, but only a couple of hours between sessions to eat

General conference weekend is a great excuse to make (and eat) all of those recipes you've been meaning to try, or those recipes that have been family favorites for decades.

Try some of our favorite conference slow cooker recipes.

7. When you get an answer to your question and the Spirit hits you

Going into conference with questions is key to receiving revelation. When you take the time to spiritually prepare for general conference, you will find answers to the questions you have and promptings for the decisions you face.

Read how Brad Wilcox, Jenny Oaks Baker, and others prepare for general conference.

8. When you're on a spiritual high for days after conference is over

By the end of the weekend, you feel inspired and motivated to go out and do some good. It's time to take the answers and revelation you received and actually apply it in your life. Although it's sad to say goodbye to general conference for another six months, you feel reinvigorated and renewed to face your challenges, decisions, and everyday life. 

Make sure to reread or rewatch the general conference talks after they're published online at lds.org.

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