8 Mormons Who Rocked It on the Ellen Degeneres Show

From viral YouTube stars to models and famous singers to moms, many Mormons have graced the Ellen Degeneres show. Check out some of their amazing reactions and interviews:

Carly Christiansen

Returned missionary and Ellen DeGeneres fan Carly Christiansen received an incredible gift from her idol: a brand new car. Recently, Christiansen was given a "pre-show tour" of the studio, a tour that was really just a ruse to hide the fact that she was going to be featured on the show. Check out her priceless reaction!

Donny and Marie Osmond

Shortly after Marie Osmond's remarriage to her first husband, she and her brother Donny appeared on Ellen to discuss their thoughts on marriage. And Ellen even shared a surprising revelation of her own. Find out more about Donny and Marie's love stories as well as other famous Mormon's here.

Jayci Underwood

When 23-year-old Jayci Underwood of Provo went into her dentist’s office to get her wisdom teeth removed, she never expected it to turn her into a celebrity that would land her on Ellen. But little did she know, Ellen Degeneres would also help her wildest dreams come true.

Mary Banford

LDS mom Mary Banford received the surprise of a lifetime when Ellen Degeneres gave her a brand new car. After appearing on Ellen, Banford decided to pay her good luck "FORDward" by giving her aunt, who had been suffering from extreme back problems, a special surprise: a flash mob dance party.