8 Ways to Be a Better Home and Visiting Teacher

You’re sitting in church, head down, looking at the time. It’s been a long 3 hours since you arrived and your thoughts wander to the big presentation at work tomorrow, feeding the 3 kids while your wife goes to work after church, and on top of that the masters program demands a 35 page paper due in a few days. You’re stressed. But before you’re able to slip out, you’re greeted by a smile and a handshake. You’re asked to visit some families at church during the month.

How can I possibly make time for this? Don’t they respect my busy schedule?

What you don’t realize is it’s a commandment and a lifestyle that Jesus Himself practiced.

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.-Mark 16:15

Here's 8 ways to be a better home and visiting teacher.

1. Love them.

Visiting families grudgingly will not benefit anyone involved.

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