A Mormon Missionary's Surprising but Unforgettable Response to "Does You Church Perform Miracles?"

What a powerful testament to the transforming nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When I was a missionary in Southeastern Africa, it was very common for Christian churches to claim that they could perform the miracles that Christ and his apostles had performed. Churches would fill chapels and even stadiums so that their audience could witness a pastor give sight to a blind man or heal a cripple.

Because of this cultural phenomenon, people would often ask me, “Does your Church perform miracles?” It was a question that both missionaries and members were familiar with. And it was a question that we struggled to satisfactorily answer.

Of course, I would explain that Christ and his apostles never would have used divine power to make money or to put on a show for the world. I explained that Christ generally performed his miracles in private, commanding the recipient to tell no one what had happened.

And I would also explain that God has restored true Priesthood power and authority—power and authority only found in the LDS Church.

But to be honest, without an account of modern miracles similar to what had happened in Christ’s day, I always felt that, given their cultural expectations, my answer was insufficient.

On the last day of my mission, that changed.

Image from Wikimedia Commons by DavidStocks
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