A conversation with the creators of Big Love

Last Sunday at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles a panel convened to discuss the HBO series Big Love. Sponsored by Outfest, the event promised an inside look at how a drama about polygamy made its way to television.

The series was created and written by long-time couple Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer, who answered the friendly audience’s questions with candor. Three cast members were also present, including Matt Ross (’Alby Grant’) and Mary Kay Place (’Adaleen Grant’). Clips were shown giving a synopsis of last season.

While the highly controversial temple scene was not shown again, the audience asked Olsen and Scheffer several questions about that episode:

Why did HBO permit something so offensive to Mormons? Scheffer answered with a laugh that the executives at HBO knew nothing about Mormonism and had no idea the temple scene would set off a “firestorm.”

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