A tale not-so-steeped in tradition

To say my husband and I have Christmas traditions would be stretching the truth a tad. Actually, to be honest, it would be an all-out exaggeration! We have been married three and a half years, and so far, each Christmas has been celebrated in a completely different way, with completely different people and in a completely different place.

The first year we were married, we had planned to fly to California to spend the holiday with my husband’s family, but ended up being snowed in and unable to get out of our subdivision, never mind the Denver airport. On Christmas morning, we snowshoed through the park near our home and enjoyed a comical meal made from the odd podge of staples that are left in a pantry prior to leaving on a vacation.

The second year, we went on a cruise with my family and celebrated the holiday on the high seas and in the sun. We hung our stockings on our cabin doors and enjoyed seven days of feasting (not a recommended tradition) and a non-denominational Christmas service on Christmas Eve.

The third year we finally made it to California and delighted in introducing our beautiful newborn daughter to her grandparents and several extended family members. Joy to the world, indeed!

Although our family Christmas story reads more like a Christmas variety show than a tale steeped in tradition, there have been several constants that, upon further reflection, contain clues as to the family traditions that are beginning to take root in our home.

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