Touching Advice and Stories Apostles Have Shared About Fatherhood

by | Jun. 12, 2019

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Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Elder Ronald A. Rasband with his family. Photo from ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

Despite his busy schedule, Ron tried to be home on weekends. And when he traveled, he would occasionally take family members with him.

“When he was home, he really made the children feel special and loved,” Melanie says. He attended their activities and sporting events whenever possible. Jenessa MacPherson, one of the couple’s four daughters, says her father’s Sunday ecclesiastical duties often kept him from sitting with the family during Church meetings.

“We would fight over who got to sit by him at church because it was such a novel thing to have him there,” she says. “I remember putting my hand in his hand and thinking to myself, ‘If I could just learn to be like him, I’ll be on the right track and will be becoming more like the Savior.’ He was always my hero.”

The couple’s son, Christian, recalls fond memories of “father-son time.” Friends came and went because of the family’s frequent moves, he says, “but my father was always my best friend”—albeit a competitive one.

Whether shooting a basketball with Christian, playing a board game with his daughters, or fishing with family and friends, Ron loved to win.

“While we were growing up, he would never let anyone win,” Christian says. “We had to earn it, but it made us better. And the tradition continues with his loving grandchildren.”

Quoted from "Elder Ronald A. Rasband: Gifted Leader, Devoted Father"

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