An Epic Journey

June 20

Last week we were so busy.  I worked on a farewell talk.  I didn’t like it so I worked on another one.  In the long run I combined them both.  Then we studied our Danish a lot and then worked on cleaning the house and cooking for the weekend.  Our house was full of family, and it was great.  They got here Saturday evening and we got to bed late. Then we got everyone up early in the morning to get ready for Church. They all made it on time, which was pretty much a miracle. It is a very emotional event to speak in church and look out in the audience and see those you love so much—especially when you won't be seeing them for two years. As a mother you want to strengthen them and let them feel of your testimony. 

Today I have been kinda blue.  I think everything is sinking in. I am very excited about serving a mission.  I know when you serve with all your heart that you are the one that is blessed, but these little babies are going to grow so much.  I will miss so many things.  My children are so good to me.  I will miss the closeness we have had for so many years.  Yet I know that a mission will only bring us closer, and there is nothing better I can do for my family than this.  I just have to forget myself and go to work.  I know in my mind that this is right but my heart is kind of sad.  I am sure in two years I will know it was all worth it.

George and I decided to drive through Yellowstone today.  We saw Old Faithful, lots of bison, moose, elk, and people from all over the world.  This country is so beautiful.  It seems like I am looking at everything differently—the sky, the flowers, the trees, and especially the mountains.  I love the mountains.  I guess it is because it will be a long time before I see country like this again.

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