An evangelical blogs: Why do Mormon facilities look so good?

I am a member of the International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA). This organization has nearly 20,000 members worldwide. Being a member of this trade association, I also have the opportunity to join other groups for members only. One such group is a Community of Practice for Religious Facilities. This is a new community for IFMA and as such had a kick off webinar the other day that I attended. When I logged in, I was very surprised to find that the person leading the webinar was a Facilities Manager for the LDS (Latter-day Saints, i.e.Mormons). Being an evangelical, I would not have placed them in the category of “religious facilities”, but that was not the case for IFMA…which I understand given their paradigm.

The webinar was interesting…but not earth shattering or even ground breaking. But there was one piece of information presented that I was not aware of at all.

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