Answering Prayers for a Brighter Future

This statement from Jorge Romeu, president of the Quilmes Argentina Stake, describes part of the broad purposes of the Church’s Perpetual Education Fund (PEF). President Romeu is Miguel Calveiro’s stake president, a young man participating in the PEF program who was first introduced to LDS Living’s readers in our last issue (July/August) in the article “Opening the Doors of Opportunity.”  Miguel exemplifies the impact of prophetic promises for young people around the globe.

Upon returning from the Argentina, Córdoba mission, Miguel had feelings of insecurity at the prospect of returning to his life in Buenos Aires and facing the financial struggle for which he saw little remedy. He was worried about how he would be able to achieve self-reliance given his hopeless economic circumstances.

Miguel’s mother explains, “When we got the news about the Perpetual Fund…this helped him see his possibilities more clearly.” She says, “I’m very happy because now he knows that there’s a way to move forward...I was unable to provide these things for him myself, and I feel so happy because he now has them just the same.”

Miguel is currently attending an excellent school in Buenos Aires, full-time, and is studying to be an engineer, while also working full-time doing silk screening. On top of that unenviable schedule he serves as the elders quorum president and is a respected leader in his ward.

This is the dream many LDS families from developing areas are gradually beginning to realize because of the PEF. “I’m sure the Lord saw the needs of our people, heard our prayers and revealed to our Prophet how we could receive those blessings,” says President Romeu. “It’s a testimony that once again the Lord is preparing the way so that we can accomplish what He has commanded us to do.”

Eduardo Pedersen, the director of the Banfield Institue of Religion worked with Miguel throughout his application process. He has seen first-hand the impact this program is beginning to have on not only those participating directly, but the Church and his community as a whole.

“I believe [Miguel] is…a good example for other youth, who will see that it is possible, through education,…to achieve their dreams in life,” says Eduardo. “Young people such as Miguel who have made the decision to go to school, helped by the Perpetual Education Fund, will provide critical help to the Church and will be our best leaders in the future.”

“The Perpetual Fund is giving me the opportunity to accomplish…my dreams,” says Miguel. “That’s what the fund provides me with, opportunities. And, well, nothing can be done without opportunity.”

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