Anti-debt diva dispenses ideas

Cheryl Carson loves being weird -- especially if you think wasting money and being in debt is normal. As wild as some of her tips for being frugal might seem (anybody up for straining the curds out of spoiled cottage cheese so you can use them in lasagna?), in this economy, she just may be onto something.

Carson presented her ideas at the 2009 Sunstone Symposium on Wed., Aug. 12 in Salt Lake City Hotel. She was energetic, upbeat and even broke into song at one point about hand-me-downs. She claimed to be a "regular person" who found her way out of debt. But the author of four books -- including one on getting out of debt -- was full of unconventional advice.

She began writing her book "Enough is Enough: Making the Decision to Live Debt-Free" after she saw that Utah led the nation in bankruptcies

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