Applying some logic to revive the BCS

The college football season is a mere 10 days away, even less depending upon your team of choice.

As opposed to those of you who would like to see the BCS disappear by means of lethal injection – some e-mailers get so overheated I think they would prefer it suffer a more painful demise – I simply want to rehabilitate it.

Although none of these fixes would satisfy those who lust for a lengthy 16-team playoff (preceded, of course, by a substantially less intriguing regular season), here are the five changes I would make to the BCS to create a more palatable system for all.

1. In with the Mountain West. Out with the Big East

Whether by committee or computer, a system should be put in place to make sure the six best football conferences are the ones receiving the automatic bids to those coveted eight spots in the BCS bowls.

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