April 2009 Sharing Time: Following His Way

This sharing time will help children understand that by following Jesus they can return to live with Heavenly Father.

Preparation: Obtain a ball of yarn and the pictures of Jesus Christ mentioned in the presentation. Before sharing time, post the pictures around the room. Tie one end of the yarn to a chair near the back of the room.

Presentation: Ask the children to look around the room and raise their hand if they can see a picture of Christ. Choose a child. Have them take the ball of yarn and string a line from the chair to the picture they found. Place a chair near the picture and tie the yarn to it. Discuss what Jesus is doing in the picture and how the children can follow His example. Sing a song that reinforces the principle, if desired.

Choose additional children and repeat choosing pictures, stringing yarn, discussing principles, and singing until all the pictures have been used.

Jesus Washing the Apostles Feet (Gospel Art Kit #226 or Gospel Art Book #55)

Jesus served his Apostles by washing their feet. (See John 13:14-15.) During Christ's time the people's feet got very dirty from walking on dirt roads, so washing their feet was a kind service. We don't have to wash feet to give service, we can serve in other ways. Children can do things like setting the table, sharing a toy with a younger child, helping set up chairs for Pack Meeting, vacuuming the car, feeding their pets, or many other things.

Song: "I'm Trying to Be like Jesus," Children's Songbook 78.

Boy Jesus in the Temple (Gospel Art Kit #205 or Gospel Art Book #34)

When Jesus was twelve years old he went to the temple and sat "in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers." (See Luke 2:46-47.) Jesus listened and learned from the wise men of the Church. We can go to Primary and Sacrament Meeting and listen and learn.

Jesus' Baptism (Gospel Art Kit #208 or Gospel Art Book #35)

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist to "fulfill all righteousness." (See Matthew 3:15.) He knew it was a commandment to be baptized, so even though He had no sins, He obeyed this commandment. We can follow Jesus' example by being baptized when we are eight-years-old.

Song: "Baptism," Children's Songbook 100.

Jesus Praying (as a child: Gospel Art Book #33; as an adult: Gospel Art Kit #227 or Gospel Art Book #56)

Jesus taught the people that they should pray to Heavenly Father. He showed them how to do it. (See Matthew 6:5-13.) We should remember to pray to Heavenly Father every day.

Jesus Reading the Scriptures (as an adult: Cover of Teaching, No Greater Call or Ensign, Jul 2002, p. 46; as a child: Ensign, Dec. 2005, p. 44.)

Jesus taught the people that they should search the scriptures because they testify of Him. (See John 5:39.) Jesus went to the synagogue (the church building) and read to the people from the scriptures. (See Like 4:16-17, 20-21.) We should read our scriptures to learn more about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

Song: "Search, Ponder, and Pray," Children's Songbook 109.

Jesus Teaching (Gospel Art Kit #212 or Gospel Art Book #39)

On many, many occasions Jesus taught the gospel to those around Him. (For example, see Matthew 5.) He bore testimony of the truth. We should be good missionaries and teach others the gospel. We should bear our testimonies.

Song: "I Want to Be a Missionary Now," Children's Songbook 168.

Have some of the children start at the first chair, and follow the yarn from picture to picture. Reinforce the idea that we can FOLLOW Jesus Christ's example. Bear your testimony that Jesus shows us the way to return and live with our Heavenly Father.

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