April Sharing Time: Life of Christ Questions

This sharing time will engage the children in a fun activity that teaches them about the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

Preparation: Get the following pictures depicting Christ's life. Familiarize yourself with the story and scriptures on the back of each picture if necessary.

The Birth of Jesus (Gospel Art Kit 200)

John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus (GAK 208)

Calling of the Fishermen (GAK 209)

Sermon on the Mount (GAK 212)

The Last Supper (GAK 225)

Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (GAK 227)

The Crucifixion (GAK 230)

Mary and the Resurrected Lord (GAK 233)

Put a colored piece of paper behind each picture so the description is not visible on the back and place in a plastic sheet protector.

Presentation: Explain to the children that you have a number of pictures from the life of Christ and they need to guess the picture. Have a child come to the front and give them the first picture. Have them hold it so no one can see what the image is. Have the rest of the children ask questions to figure out what the picture is. Use yes and no questions only. You might have to suggest some questions to get them started such as "Are there children in the picture?" "Is there water in the picture?" etc. Have the child holding the picture answer the questions (they can look to you for help if needed). Tell the children they have to guess what the picture is in 20 questions or less (after 20 questions, show them the picture).

After the picture has been revealed, call on a child to briefly retell the story the picture represents. Fill in any details needed and post the picture on the board. Repeat with each picture. When all the pictures have been guessed and posted, review with the children the purpose of Christ coming to earth. He was sent to gain a body, organize the church, and to be our Savior. Heavenly Father sent Jesus here to fulfill His promises to us.

Sing songs that reinforce the concepts taught in this sharing time such as: "Baptism" (CS, 100), "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus" (CS, 57), "I Feel My Saviors Love" (CS, 74), "He Sent His Son" (CS, 34), and "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" (CS, 64).

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