Around the Block: Ice Fishing at Fish Lake

Fishing is available all year at Fish Lake, home to large splake, rainbow, and lake trout, as well as the occasional big brown, and early March is the best time for ice fishing—the temperatures are warmer, but the ice is still present. So, if you're willing to wake up early and have an adventure, try your hand at ice fishing.

First stop at Grand Western sporting goods in Richfield (34 miles southeast of the lake) and get your hands on some gear, if you don't already have it. Grand Western has an assortment of baits and tackle, including the sucker meat and meal worms that are important in ice fishing; the sales associates will also be able to inform you on how much fishing you can expect. After you're set, head to Fish Lake, locate your spot, and cut the ice. You will need to bring your own auger to cut the ice, but they're available at most sporting good stores. At Fish Lake, the first couple hours after daylight are best for catching the bigger fish.

Nearby the lake sits a convenience store and the lodge. Although the lodge is closed during the winter, the convenience store offers facilities and food. If you're heading back through Richfield afterwards, stop at The Detour for some burgers and karaoke. For more information about Fish Lake, visit, or call 435.638.1000.

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