Around the Block: Provo Bakery

If you haven't partaken of this Utah goodie, you're missing out. Still serving the community after over 40 years, Provo Bakery confects the most delectable pastries, cookies, and muffins on the Wasatch Front inside a little refurbished house on 190 E and 100 N in Provo. The bakery is best known for its raisin cookies, bran muffins, buttermilk bars, and donuts, but their fritters, eclairs, and rolls are also hard to resist. And, at such low prices, satisfying the family sweet tooth won't break the bank - while everything up to a dozen is priced individually (averaging 69 cents per item), a dozen assorted donuts costs $7.99 ($5.99 for glazed) and a dozen cookies is also $7.99.

Give it a shot. You don't want to miss out.

Address: 190 E 100 N in Provo. For orders, call 801.375.8330.

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