BCS called unfair, illegal — or great

Sen. Orrin Hatch demanded to know, from sworn witnesses before the Senate on Tuesday, what else the undefeated 2008 University of Utah football team possibly could have done for a chance to play in last season's national championship game of the Bowl Championship Series.

U. President Michael Young, who attended the hearing, said that only one thing could have helped Utah: "If we had been part of an automatic-qualifying conference, I suspect we would have had an opportunity to play for the championship." But only half the nation's teams are in such conferences of traditional football powers. Utah is not.

University of Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman, a member of the BCS oversight committee, said, "It's hard to respond to this without appearing to be disrespectful of Utah," but he essentially said the Utah school played a powder-puff schedule compared to teams in automatic-berth conferences.

"There is realistically something that Utah could do. They could have played the schedule that Nebraska played last year, where we played Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Missouri, all of them ranked in the Top 5," he said.

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