BYU football team invades Las Vegas ward

BYU has made five consecutive trips to the Las Vegas Bowl, but this experience was a first.

With the game being played on Tuesday, that meant the Cougars were here on Sunday. For that reason, arrangements were made for players, coaches, administrators, and others connected to the program, to attend sacrament meeting. Sunday morning, they boarded buses at the team hotel, Planet Hollywood, and descended upon the Las Vegas 8th Ward.

"We were informed that our building was the closest to where they would be staying," said Bishop David Dye. "They asked if they could come. We were told there would be about 100 people. It turns out there were about 175, so we were scrambling at the last minute. We have an older ward, so usually it's quite quiet and reverent. There was a little commotion, but it was fun, realizing the special occasion."

The sacrament meeting included various selections of Christmas hymns, a talk by a recently returned missionary, and closing comments by Bishop Dye.

After the meeting, Bishop Dye said he appreciated the visit to his ward by the BYU football team. "It was great to have them with us. What a remarkable example this team is to all of us -- their commitment to do what's right."

BYU director of football operations Duane Busby said school administrators considered holding its own sacrament meeting, "but with being at a hotel on the (Las Vegas) Strip, that setting didn't seem quite right."

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