Being Obedient

by | May 06, 2005


With the winds and darkness of the adversary swirling around constantly, it can be difficult to be obedient.  A better knowledge of the gospel and a deeper love of God can help us to understand obedience on a deeper level.  We will want to strive to be obedient no matter what.Hymn

The list of hymns dealing with obedience is long.  Here are a few suggestions to choose from: “Do What is Right” (Hymns, 237), “Choose the Right” (Hymns, 239), “Keep the Commandments” (Hymns, 303), “Teach me to Walk” (Hymns, 304).Preparation

For the lesson you will need twenty or more Popsicle sticks.  Write a different commandment on each stick (i.e., Law of Tithing, Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, etc.). 


Assign someone to read 1 Nephi 3:7 and D&C 42:29.Lesson 

Let several members of the family try to define what they think obedience is and why it is so important to be obedient.  Discuss that when we are good, we are being obedient to our Heavenly Father.  Give examples of people who have been obedient and relate personal experiences when being obedient has blessed your life.   

Nephi’s Story

Read 1 Nephi 3:7 and discuss Nephi’s obedience and courage in following the will of God.  Have someone read the following quote: “We are individuals, but we live in families and communities where order provides a system of harmony that hinges on obedience to principles.  Just as order gave life and beauty to the earth when it was dark and void, so it does to us.  Obedience helps us develop the full potential our Heavenly Father desires for us in becoming celestial beings worthy someday to live in His presence” (James E. Faust, “Obedience: The Path to Freedom,” Ensign, May 1999). 

Discuss the purpose of commandments.  Why has Heavenly Father given us commandments?  What is their importance?  And why is it essential to strive to keep all of the commandments with exactness?  Relate this back to Nephi’s experience.  Discuss how the Lord prepares ways for his people to follow him and how our lives are blessed when we are obedient.

Keeping All of the Commandments

Now read D&C 42:29 and discuss the importance of keeping all of the commandments.  Hand someone a Popsicle stick with a commandment written on it and ask him to break it (it should break easily).  State that if that was the only commandment, it would be very easy to break.  Then give the same person all twenty Popsicle sticks, and ask him to break all of them. 

After he struggles and is unable to break the sticks, discuss how keeping the commandments makes you stronger and that the more commandments you are keeping, the harder they are to break.  Hold up the broken stick, and ask family members what their “weak stick” is, or the commandment that is the hardest for them to keep.  Challenge your family to work on strengthening that “weak stick” and improving their obedience to that commandment. Treat 

Three-Fruit Slush

1 cup sugar

2 cups water

2 cups (4 to 6) mashed bananas

½ cup fresh lemon juice

1 can (6 ounces) frozen lemonade

1 can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice

3 juice cans water

Combine sugar and 2 cups water.  Boil about 3 minutes, then cool.  Mash bananas; combine fruit juices and water; add bananas; combine fruit juices and water; add bananas to fruit juices and sugar syrup.  Pour into pans; freeze until slushy, stirring occasionally. 

If desired, remove slush from pan and beat with eggbeater once during freezing.  Serve plain or pour ginger ale or similar carbonated beverage over slush just before serving (Lion House Classics, Deseret Book).

Reread President Faust’s quote given in the lesson.  Briefly discuss the importance of having obedience and order in all things.  Begin to mix the ingredients together.  Give everyone the chance to put in an ingredient.  As you do this, discuss how important it is that the ingredients all go in at a certain time and order and how important it is to follow the recipe exactly.  Discuss what would happen if an ingredient was omitted or put in the mix when it shouldn’t have been. 

As the slush is freezing, discuss the last sentence of the quote: “Obedience helps us develop the full potential our Heavenly Father desires for us in becoming celestial beings worthy someday to live in His presence.” 

Look at each ingredient individually again.  Have family members try some of the ingredients without the other.

Discuss how different the ingredients look and taste before they have reached their full potential in the recipe.  Discuss how, if you are obedient to all the commandments, Heavenly Father will help you stretch and grow so you can reach your full potential, just as the ingredients reach their full potential once they’ve been mixed and frozen.

Obedience to the Prophet

Make a small maze in your family room or backyard with string or sticks.  Discuss the importance of following the living prophet and how the prophet is the Lord’s mouthpiece.  Blindfold one member of the family and have him or her stand at the beginning of the maze. 

Assign one person in the family to be the prophet.  Have that person direct the person through the maze while other family members make noises to distract the person in the maze.  Talk about the importance of listening the prophet’s voice when other people, things, or ideas are trying to distract you. 

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