Book of Miracles

I worried about Stefan almost constantly.

The spring he turned 14 was a lonely one. His friends from school were busy and distant; the Teachers in his quorum were polite but not inclusive. The happy-go-lucky kid I’d known began to anger easily and his jokes gained a bitter edge.

A wise friend told me to pray that he would have his own spiritual experiences. Her advice puzzled me. This wasn’t a spiritual problem—the kids in our ward just needed to invite him over on Friday night! It was their fault! But the Spirit whispered to me, “Pray for him. Just pray.”

One afternoon he sat on our red chair feeling aimless. “Wouldn’t it be great if I could perform a miracle? Move a mountain or something?” he mused. “I’d better study the scriptures and find out how.” He went to his room and developed a plan of alternating reading from the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. One week later he’d finished both—so he started again.

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