Brand New, with No Mistakes in It

by | Sep. 16, 2009

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The first Time Out of the fall was last week in Boise, and I had a GREAT time! Except for one thing.

As we sat eating our lunch, the catering guy brought in two big plates full of cookies. Assorted cookies. Big cookies. WARM cookies. I have many dietary weaknesses, but cookies are my biggest. I bit into one and would have sworn I was biting into a piece of lemon cream pie. It was unlike any cookie I had ever tasted. I moved on immediately to a chocolate chip masterpiece, then tried to pass the plate around the table but got almost no takers.

Before we left that afternoon, I had eaten six large cookies. More than a day's worth of calories, I'm certain, expended on dessert alone. And I probably would have stuffed another couple in my bag if I hadn't been so mortified by that time with my own behavior. I'd been so good lately, bringing healthy snacks to work and trying not to buy junk, and now one brief encounter with temptation had sent it all spinning into oblivion!

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