Breaking online dating taboos

Lynne Senske had to laugh.

"Here I had decided that no self-respecting woman would ever go online," she said.

She met her husband, Dave, on the Internet six years ago. Since then, their family has experienced seven weddings -- including theirs -- in just four years.

For many Mormon singles, the prospect of searching for companionship online seems not only foreign, but also stigmatized -- a last resort or a sanctuary for the socially awkward. But Lynne and Dave Senske found that wasn't the case. Despite the uniqueness of their situation and the need for Internet daters to exercise extreme caution, they still encourage others to try online dating instead of dismissing a potential opportunity.

"When I first started exploring LDS online dating services I did try and sort of 'hide' it," Lynne said. "There's this misconception that only desperate people use (online dating services), which is far from true."

Online dating service LDS Mingle spokeswoman Arielle Wolin acknowledges the misconception, but says that nowadays, it's "rare to find a ward that doesn't have at least one couple that has met and married as a result (of an online dating service)."

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