Can I Piggyback?

Dear Dave, What do you think about "piggybacking" on a person's credit card so that their credit score can go up? Tony Dear Tony, That is one of the worst things you could possibly do. It's a really bad idea. It's dumb. Am I being clear on this? Want to know why it's such a bad idea? If they don't pay, YOU get to fork over the cash. What a wonderful privilege and opportunity! And if someone's finances are in such bad shape they want to run on your credit, chances are they aren't going to pay and you'll get stuck. Besides, you don't want to run up your credit score, anyway. Do you know what your credit score really is? It's your "I Love Debt" score. The only way you get a big FICO score is to get in debt, stay in debt and make a lot of debt payments. Don't do it, Tony! Dave
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