Can believers really pass by the beggar?

You may consider 18-year-old Tanner Dahl naive. You may even think him a sucker. But the way he sees it, giving a panhandler a few coins, a dollar or a sandwich is the right thing to do.

"Some might not be homeless and not need it, but there is always a chance that they do," says Dahl, a student from California. "It just feels right when you do it."

Dahl was one of two people over the span of 30 minutes to give money to George Donald, a beggar on the south side of the LDS Temple in downtown Salt Lake City on Monday. Thirty-four others passed by him.

Were they stingy or were they wise?

Perhaps there were some of each among those who kept their wallets closed. And surely many felt conflicted.

After all, if your religion, like most, holds that you are to care for the poor, can you really ignore the beggar? What if you suspect he'll get drunk or high with your money?

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