Church College in New Zealand closes doors but leaves great legacy

by | Jul. 08, 2009

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When the Church College of New Zealand closes its doors later this year, when the youthful bustle falls away, the high school's enduring legacy of leadership will continue in the lives of its alumni.

LDS Church-owned high school in N.Z. has rich history "CC is a nursery of leadership that provided the country and the church so much," said Elder Lindsay T. Dil, a former area seventy. "As I traveled through the area, it was amazing to see how many former CC students were in stake presidencies and bishoprics, not only throughout New Zealand but Australia."

Of about 242 New Zealanders serving missions, 120 of them are graduates of the LDS Church-owned secondary school, according to statistics provided by David Walmsley, school principal from 1996 to 2005. Sixty percent of the Mormon stake presidents in New Zealand are former students of the school.

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