Conference Enjoyment Tips

General Conference can be an amazing experience, for adults and children. To help everyone learn something from it, here are some tips for children and adults alike:

  • Make a 15 question topic-and-speaker quiz in real time as you watch General Conference. Warn your family before it starts that you'll be asking questions afterwards, and there is a prize if they can collectively get 12 questions right. Then enlist help from everyone and make the family's favorite treat (with their help) after Conference is over.
  • Participate in a family service project between sessions. Offer to visit an elderly ward member's home and do gardening or spring cleaning work.
  • Keep the fixings available for sandwiches or keep a homemade pot of soup on low heat so that hungry watchers can grab something to eat without difficulty.
  • Turn General Conference on in all rooms of the house so that, if family members must get up and do something else, they can still hear or see the talks as they are given. If you have a stereo system, turn it on as well (this will also make the music even more enjoyable).

Here are some other links that are sure to help you:

Deseret Book Conference Packet: Includes a word counter, conference topic bingo, finger puppets, and more! Full of activities, games, and guides for children.

March 2009 Ensign article, “Preparing Our Children for General Conference”: Article shares ideas from members all over the world on how they’ve made Conference meaningful for their families—young and old—through the years. Tried-and-tested ideas for making Conference a fun experience for the family.

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