Cougar and Ute fans are united

Perhaps the time has come for BYU and Utah football fans to gather on the same page and embrace a cause bigger than themselves.

In fact, there's evidence this is happening. Cougar and Ute fans are uniting with all the ammo they can muster in firing salvos at the BCS. In this, they're one.

Since the days folks at Brigham Young Academy and the University of Utah decided to dislike one another, the rivalry has had a fabled, acrimonious run where the crazies on both sides go a little — check that, a lot — over the top.

And ever since Al Gore invented the Internet and somewhere along cyber space mileposts somebody came up with message boards and comment boxes at the end of online newspaper stories, it's opened up new depths to the toxic pool that is rivalry rant and the artistry of immature name-calling.

But now, we're seeing a sort of maturing.

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