Curious about Credit Report

Dear Dave,

I noticed recently that there have been several instances of companies asking for copies of my credit report. I've not done any business with these companies, and was under the impression they could only do things like this if you were trying to open an account with them.


Dear Lynn,

According to the guidelines of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, anyone with a valid business reason can check your report with or without your permission. It's not unusual today for employment applications to state that the company you're interviewing with can even pull a copy of your credit report to use as part of their employee screening process.

If you haven't been job hunting or applying for credit cards lately, it sounds to me like you've been hit with a load of marketing inquiries. Like most folks around the country, your mailbox is probably full of unsolicited credit card and home equity loan offers. The good news is that you can contact your bureau, and request a block for unsolicited marketing inquiries. This will help prevent companies from crawling through your bureau for the sole purpose of offering you stuff you didn't request!

- Dave

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