Debunk Mormon stereotypes by living your religion

Earlier this week, a headline in the news caught my eye. It was about the release of a new calendar titled “Hot Mormon Muffins.” Apparently, this was the second calendar of it’s kind by former church member, Chad Hardy.

The calendar features LDS mothers posed pin-up style supposedly as a way to “tear down stereotypes” about the church. Apparently, there are folks that believe that LDS mothers are trapped in the 1950s era. While that it is a stereotype, I don’t think this calendar was the best way to debunk this myth.

I hear stereotypes about the church all the time. Mostly, I hear stereotypes about blacks in the church. Then there are those typical stereotypes about polygamy, family size, women’s role in the church, and the debate on whether we are Christians.

While I understand the desire to want to fit in to the mainstream, by pointing light on our similarities, the truth of the matter is we don’t fit in the mainstream. We are a peculiar people and we should stay that way. During Christ’s ministry on earth, He did not fit in the mainstream, either. We shouldn’t lower our standards in order to debunk stereotypes.

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