December 2008 Sharing Time: Remembering Jesus

by | Nov. 14, 2008


This sharing time will involve the children in an activity that teaches them more about the Savior, his life, and his love for them. *Preparation:* Review the events in Christ's life listed below. Gather the items you wish to use and place them in a bag or pillowcase: a Christmas or cut-out star, a bottle of water, a toy or cut-out fish, an elastic-type bandage, a slice of bread (in a baggie), a toy boat, a small container of mud, a doll, a wash cloth, a sacrament cup, a small cross made of wood or craft sticks, a silk or plastic Easter lily (or a stone). Obtain the following Gospel Art Kit pictures: 200-birth of Christ, 208-baptism of Christ, 209-Christ calls the fishermen, 221-healing the lepers, 212-Christ teaching, 214-stilling the storm, 213-healing the blind, 216-Christ and the children, 226-Christ washing the disciples feet, 225-the last supper, 230-Christ's crucifixion, 233-Christ's resurrection. *Presentation:* Tell the children of your love for the Savior, Jesus Christ. Explain that you want to remind them of some of the experiences Christ had while he lived on earth and that you have clues for them in your bag. Invite a child to draw something from the bag. Show the item and let them guess what story the clue might suggest (help them figure it out as needed). Show the picture that goes with the clue and retell the story. Sing songs that help reinforce the story as desired. _Star._ (GAK 200) God loved us and sent his son to live on the earth. Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem because there wasn't room for them at the inn. They used a manger for his bed. The angels proclaimed his birth to shepherds in the fields and the shepherds came to worship him. See John 3:16 and Luke 2:1-17. ("Away in a Manger," Children Songbook, p. 42) _Bottle of water._ (GAK 208) Jesus came to John the Baptist to be baptized. He was baptized by immersion in the Jordan River. See Matthew 3:13-17. ("Baptism," Children Songbook, p. 100) _Fish._ (GAK 209) When Jesus began his ministry, he chose twelve men to become his apostles. Some of these men were fishermen. Jesus asked them to become "fishers of men." See Mark 1:16-20. _Bandage._ (GAK 221) Jesus healed a leper and asked him not to tell anyone. Another time ten lepers called to Jesus and asked him to heal them. He told them to go and show themselves to the priests. They were healed. One of them returned to thank Jesus. See Matthew 8:1-4 and Luke 17:11-19. _Bread._ (GAK 212) Jesus had been teaching a large group of people. After a long day, they needed food to eat. Jesus had them gather the food they had, which was five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus blessed it and they were able to feed five thousand people. See Matthew 14:15-21. _Boat._ (GAK 214) Jesus and the disciples were on a ship. A storm arose and the ship was in danger of sinking. The disciples woke Jesus up and told them they were afraid and asked to be saved. Jesus told the wind and waves to be still. The disciples were amazed that even the wind and sea would obey him. See Matthew 8:23-27. ("Tell Me the Stories of Jesus," Children Songbook, p. 57) _Mud._ (GAK 213) Jesus met a man that had been blind all of his life. Jesus made some mud out of the dirt on the road and some spit, he put this mud on the blind man's eyes. He then told the man to go wash his eyes in a pool. He returned and was able to see. See John 9:1, 6-8. _Doll._ (GAK 216) Many of the people brought their children to be blessed by Jesus. Some of his disciples thought he was too busy to be bothered by children. Jesus told the disciples that the children were important to him. He had the children come to him and he blessed them. See Matthew 19:13-15. ("Jesus Loved the Little Children," Children Songbook, p. 59) _Wash cloth._ (GAK 226) Jesus and his disciples had eaten dinner together. After they had eaten, Jesus took a towel and a bowl of water and washed each of the disciple's feet. He taught them that they should served other people, just as he had served them. See John 13:4-15. _Sacrament cup._ (GAK 225) At a feast, Jesus took some bread and blessed it, then broke it into pieces. He gave it to his disciples to eat. He told them that it represented his body. Then Jesus took some wine and blessed it and gave it to his disciples to drink. He told them that it represented his blood. See Matthew 26:26-28. _Cross._ (GAK 230) Angry people took Jesus and hung him on a cross. After suffering on the cross, He died. His friends wrapped his body in linen cloth and laid it in a tomb. A large stone was used to cover the opening of the tomb. See John 19:15-18, 40-42. ("He Sent His Son," Children Songbook, p. 34) _Easter lily (or a stone)._ (GAK 233) After Jesus had been dead for three days, he was resurrected. An angel rolled the stone away from the tomb, and Jesus saw and talked to Mary and his disciples. Because Jesus was able to live again, we will be able to be resurrected after we die, too. See John 20:10-18. ("Did Jesus Really Live Again?" Children Songbook, p. 64) Bear your testimony of Jesus Christ.
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