Donny Osmond wins 'Dancing With the Stars'!

Maybe it was Adam Carolla's last-ditch prayer to Michael Flatley that did it: After overcoming long odds, ups and downs, fever dreams, a sparkly leprechaun green jacket, a fumbled tango routine and a dip to the dark side, lifelong showman and avowed professional Donny Osmond beat out fellow competitors Mya and Kelly Osbourne to emerge as Season 9’s “Dancing With the Stars” champion. And true to his Mr. Congeniality roots, the star wasn’t content to hoard the coveted Mirrorball trophy and tell his sister -- the reason he came on as a competitor on this show in the first place -- to stick it where the sun don’t shine. No, a win for Donny was a win for everybody, and he magnanimously brought up his wife, his large family and his sister Marie out on to the dance floor with him to celebrate.

What’s more, congratulations to Donny’s partner Kym Johnson as well! The pro has come so close to the "DWTS" crown herself as the runner up with Season 4’s Joey Fatone and Season 7’s Warren Sapp, so it’s nice to see the always-lovely Australian make the third time in the finals the charm and finally nab that title. Not only that, but she’s become an honorary Osmond in the process. (What’s another Osmond when you’ve already got so many in the bunch?) Win and win!

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