Elder Cook teaches to focus on Savior amidst season's distractions

Christmas can be a great time of family learning while placing emphasis on things that are most important, Elder Quentin L. Cook said during BYU Management Society's Salt Lake Chapter's Christmas luncheon, held in a ballroom at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City on Dec. 16.

Joined at the luncheon by his wife, Mary, and son, Larry, Elder Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve, spoke of the busy season of Christmas, and the many distractions that often take up one's attention. But, he said, amidst busy holiday schedules and distractions, Christmas can be a time to focus on the Savior and His teachings.

"I want to suggest four things I feel would be beneficial in our families at this Christmastime," Elder Cook said. "I'm not terribly concerned that there are distractions — telestial distractions — if we can put in place a few things that will help us really understand the Savior and appreciate Christmas."

The first suggestion Elder Cook gave was for families to teach about the sacred, glorious birth of the Savior and His beautiful life and perfect example.

"I would hope that each of us sometime before Christmas would take the time with those we love to review [the Christmas story in] Luke 2 and Matthew 2, to think about the Savior."

Drawing upon many memories of his family reading from the scriptures and singing Christmas carols, Elder Cook spoke of the impact it had in teaching about the Savior.

"There came into our home a better understanding and a better appreciation of the Savior."

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