Elder Scott Hits Me a Week Later

Man, the Spirit always speaks to me when I least expect it. I was sitting in Elders’ Quorum on Sunday, just like I do every Sunday, and a member of the EQ presidency was in charge of the lesson, just like on most Sundays. The quorum was split into small groups, and we were discussing different conference talks, with the expectation that each group would later give a synopsis to the whole quorum.

It was set up to be a typical EQ meeting, and I was expecting another half-hearted or, at best, light-hearted conversation with my buddies. But for some reason, this chat was different. We were talking about Richard G. Scott’s talk from the Saturday morning session. You probably remember it as the semi-annual “Pornography Talk” that Elder Scott seems to always be tasked with delivering. But we were talking about the first half of the address, in which Elder Scott talks about the struggle and the effort it takes to learn how to be led by the Spirit.

As is usual, there were some discussion questions below the reading selection, the first of which was “How do we draw a balance between spiritual self-reliance and relying on the Spirit?”

It was as if a finger from heaven had written a message on the wall of the classroom: “ur doing it wrong!”

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