Elizabeth Smart testifies in court

Describing him as a master manipulator who used religion as a front to get sex, drugs, alcohol and anything else he wanted, Elizabeth Smart delivered unflappable testimony Thursday as she took the witness stand for the first time against one of her accused kidnappers, Brian David Mitchell.

Smart's testimony was often times shocking and hard to hear as she recounted how she was raped constantly by Mitchell, sometimes up to three or four times a day. But she remained amazingly collected the entire 1 hour and 45 minutes she was on the stand, not once choking up, needing a tissue or even asking for a glass of water.

Smart, who was just 14 at the time of her abduction, talked in a soft but authoritative voice as she recounted nightmares of how Mitchell started raping her almost immediately after she was kidnapped from her bedroom, taken to his campsite three miles above her house in the foothills and then "married" to Mitchell in brief ceremony.

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