Enos Envy

Over my lifetime, I have offered all manner of prayers. These range from earnest, well-intended pleas on behalf of others (”please comfort my sister as she deals with her MS diagnosis”) to mundane requests for undeserved assistance (”please help me pass my Spanish pop quiz”) to the downright inappropriate (”oh Lord, please let me be able to hold it until I get off this bus!”)*

But now, after 36 years of practice, I’m rethinking prayer. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I’m not a “lose the keys, pray for keys, find the keys” sort of guy by nature. When I hear those sorts of stories, I am more likely to roll my eyes than dab with a Kleenex. Nevertheless, I have a confession to make: I suffer from Enos Envy (E.E., for short).

You all know the story: Enos was a young man who, while raisedenos_praying with a knowledge of the truth, found himself having strayed from it. Then, while out hunting, he had epiphany of sorts, which left him with a heart full of joy and a soul that “hungered.” Overwhelmed with these rushing emotions, Enos prayed. And prayed. And prayed.

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