Every Temple Marriage is a Royal Wedding

There's certainly been a lot of buzz over these past few weeks leading up to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, better known as William and Kate. I've only watched a bit of the coverage but I will confess that I, too, find myself a little intrigued by the glamour and romance surrounding this hopeful fairytale.

I remember sitting in my family room, when my children were quite young, watching the royal wedding of the parents of Prince William, experiencing similar feelings. Now that was definitely over the top, to say the least! I still have the image of Princess Diana's out of control wedding dress and that ridiculous train fixed in my mind.

Kate's wedding dress was much more understated. In my opinion she looked exquisite! Her modesty in both dress and demeanor were truly regal. I'll even go so far as to say that even her modest figure struck me the same. As I observed her in each of these different ways, I could better understand why this impeccable display of refinement, romance and glamour are so appealing to women of all ages.

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