Family Summer Olympics

Warm weather has a way of bringing families together. This year, as the summer comes to a close, hold a family Olympics. Here are some ideas for events:

Hula Hoop Record See who can set the record for the longest, shortest, or silliest hula hooping. You can most likely purchase inexpensive hula hoops from a dollar store in your area.

Flag Finding Hide several small flags around the house or yard. The person who finds the most flags wins a prize.

Dive for Dollars Bury a variety of coins, such as pennies, nickels, and dimes in a child's sandbox. The children should search through the sand for the coins. Hide only one quarter in the box, and the child who finds it is the winner!

Water Balloon Volleyball Fill water balloons and divide the group into two teams. Each team has a towel with which to launch the balloon. Play volleyball as you toss the balloon back and forth. Whichever team lets the most balloons break loses.

Seed Spitting See who can spit watermelon seeds the farthest!

Bubble Blowing Give the contestants a few pieces of gum and let them chew for a few minutes. When given the signal, everyone should try to blow a bubble. The largest bubble wins!

Name that Person Display various coins and bills. The person who can correctly name the most figureheads on the money wins a prize.

Cake Decorating Give each team a cake and various decorating ingredients or tools. Award prizes for the most creative, most original, and best decorated. Enjoy the cakes afterward.

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