Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day Prophets

Lorenzo Snow

"Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded"

Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day Prophets

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According to President Heber J. Grant (recorded in the October 1919 general conference) "Zion Stands with Hills Surrounded" was the favorite hymn of President Lorenzo Snow. 

Surprisingly, despite its many seemingly overt references to LDS doctrine, the lyrics of this hymn were penned in the eighteenth century, before the Restoration. George D. Pyper, fifth general superintendent of the Sunday School and a manager of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, speculated, "The author... must have foreseen a condition that did not exist until seventy-seven years after he penned the lines." He added, "It was an inspired prophecy; for no Latter-day Saint could have more perfectly described the belief of the Mormon people than did Thomas Kelly back in the eighteenth century."

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