Fear and Love

Saturday morning, I had a talk with my father. “Have I told you what my brother Tony once taught me about love?” he said to me. We were talking on the phone, of course. He had just finished painting the family bathroom in preparation for Thanksgiving. Among our many lovely guests will be Manfriend. The family wants to put its best bathroom forward.

I couldn’t remember what Dad’s brother Tony once taught Dad about love.

“He was engaged to this woman. Karen Garff. And one day she disappeared. They had been spending every day together, but one day, he called her, and she didn’t answer. She avoided him. Later he found out she’d been seeing someone else. He was heartbroken. That’s why he went to Europe.

“My parents didn’t want him to go alone, so they sent me. That’s why I went to Europe before my mission.

“While we were there, he said to me, ‘Jeff, I’m going to tell you the difference between good missionaries and great missionaries."

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