February Sharing Time: Scriptural Witnesses

h3. Preparation: Obtain the Gospel Art Kit pictures #233, Mary and the Resurrected Lord and #314, Samuel the Lamanite on the Wall. Obtain the Primary Visual Aids Cutouts, set 6--People of the Scriptures. Cut out the figure of Christ and six other figures to represent the witnesses discussed below. Attach a craft stick to the bottom of each cutout by taping it on the back of the figure. Familiarize yourself with the scriptures and stories used in the presentation. Put a small note on the back each figure with his name and the song or scripture that goes with him (or the word "story"). Fill a basket with dried beans or styrofoam and place it on a table at the front of the room. Stand a copy of the Bible and a copy of the Book of Mormon behind the basket. Stand the Christ figure in the basket, by pushing the craft stick into the beans. Stand the other figures on top of the scriptures by placing the craft sticks between the pages of the books. h3. Presentation: Ask if anyone knows what a witness is. Let the children answer, guiding the discussion to include these definitions: A person who is present when something happens and can tell what took place. A person who gives testimony (as in court). A person or thing that serves as evidence. Show the children the figures you have displayed on the table. Tell them that each of these people's testimony or witness of Jesus Christ is in the scriptures. Ask a child to come up and select a figure. Have them hold the figure and tell the rest of the children who that figure represents. Briefly explain who that person is, then do the story, scripture, or song that goes with it. Have the child stand that figure next to Christ. Repeat with the other figures. *Job:* (Scripture) Explain that Job was a wealthy man who lost all his property and family (see Job 1), became sick with sores all over his body (see Job 21:12), and whose friends told him he must be a bad person (see Job 22:5-10). After all this, Job told how he felt about Jesus Christ. Help the children locate *Job 19:25*. Have them read it aloud in unison (or for young children, have them repeat it after you). Help them understand that Job still testified of Jesus after all the trials he went through. Afterwards Job was again blessed and received more than he had before. *David:* (Song) Explain that David was a king in the Bible and he wrote lots of poetry. Many of his poems were about Jesus Christ. One of them is in our hymnbook. Have the Senior Primary children sing "The Lord is My Shepherd," Hymns, #108 (which is taken from Psalms 23) or teach the Junior Primary children "Little Lambs So White and Fair," Children's Songbook, 58. This poem expresses David's thoughts and feelings about how Jesus Christ will help take care of us. *Mary Magdalene:* (Story) Hold up Gospel Art Picture # 233 and ask a child to retell the story of Mary Magdalene seeing the resurrected Lord (See John 20). Help them include these ideas: Mary loved Jesus very much. After he died, she went to the tomb to put oil and spices on his body. When she arrived she saw that Jesus was not there. She went and told the other disciples, who came and looked at the empty tomb and then went home. Mary was alone outside the tomb, weeping. As she turned away she saw Jesus standing there, but she did not recognize him. He asked her why she was crying and whom she was looking for. Mary thought he was the gardener and said, "Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou has laid him, and I will take him away." Then Jesus said, "Mary." Mary turned, recognized him, and called him Master. Jesus told her to go and tell the Apostles that she had seen him. Mary hurried to tell the Apostles that she had seen the Lord and that he had spoken to her. This was Mary's testimony that Jesus had been resurrected, she saw him with her own eyes. If there is time, have the children sing "Did Jesus Really Live Again," Children's Songbook, 64. *Amulek:* (Scripture) Alma and Amulek went on a mission to the Zoramites. After Alma taught the people, he asked Amulek to bear his testimony to them. This is what he said. Help the children locate *Alma 34:8*. Have them read it aloud in unison (or for young children, have them repeat it after you). Tell the children that Amulek bore a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. *Nephi:* (Song) Remind the children that Nephi was a very righteous man that had seen Jesus Christ in a vision. Have the children sing "Nephi's Courage," Children's Songbook, 120. Ask them what the song says Nephi knows (the Lord will provide a way). This is his testimony that the Lord Jesus Christ is real and will help us. *Samuel the Lamanite:* (Story) Hold up Gospel Art Picture # 314 and ask a child to retell the story of Samuel the Lamanite (See Helaman 13:1--16:8). Help them include these ideas: A Lamanite prophet named Samuel came and preached repentance in the land of Zarahemla. The Nephites cast him out of the city. The Lord told him to go back and tell them about Jesus Christ. They would not let him inside the city, so he climbed on the city wall and taught them in a loud voice. He told the people that in five years there would be a sign that the Son of God had been born. Those who didn't believe him threw stones and shot arrows at Samuel as he stood upon the wall, but they could not hit him because the Lord was protecting him. Some of the people believed him, but most did not. They tried to capture him, but he jumped down from the wall and was never heard from again. Samuel was able to bear a strong testimony of Jesus Christ even though many people were trying to hurt him. After all the figures are next to the figure of Christ explain that many other people in the scriptures bear testimony of Jesus Christ. Tell them that Jesus even bore testimony of himself. Read the first half of *3 Nephi 9:15* to the children. Tell them that you love learning about Jesus Christ and hearing the many testimonies and stories about Him that are found in the scriptures. Have the music leader teach the song "Tell Me the Stories of Jesus," Children's Songbook, 57.
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